FosterKidsUnite Inc.

Founder: Tanya Cooper


Tanya Cooper

Executive Director

Tanya Cooper’s life in foster care began at five due to her birth mother’s battle with addiction and neglect and would eventually end with her being separated from all but one of her siblings! Aging out of the foster care system at 18 with no family and place to go, Tanya signed herself back in until age 21!

While in care she survived being abused by two foster brothers.

She has over 12 years of experience working with youth as a clinician, and over 20 years as a youth counselor and teacher throughout various communities.

Graduating from New York University, with a B.A.S in Culture & Communications, she also received her CASAC-T through The National Council of Alcohol & Drug Dependence in White Plains, NY, where sat on the committee for five years.

Her book, “Surviving Foster Care & Making It Work For You“, is a self-help book giving foster kids tips on getting through the system. 

“My goal is to change the attitude & face of kids in foster care, one kid at a time and teach them to go back and help others in care!” 

Tanya is the Executive Director at FosterKidsUnite, Inc. which provides nontraditional services for aged out and foster youth in college or trade school, created to honor the memory of her birth brother who died at 41 of heart disease.

As featured local hero of the month in The Journal news

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Videos on You Tube for foster youth just entering care:


Tanya has received two proclamations  and certificate of recognition from:

Mayor Michael Cindrich, Mount Kisco, NY

Sen. Greg Ball of (NY 19th District)

Sen. Terrance P. Murphy (NY 40th District)

Ml. Lyndon D. Williams (NY 13th District)